Welcome to the great outdoors!

I realised at a young age how lucky I was to be born in the UK with its diverse landscape and outdoor opportunities.  My father was a skilled climber and both my parents loved the outdoors with us all frequently holidaying in the Lake District and Scottish Highlands.

Haystacks The Lake District

Me on Haystacks in the Lake District 2015.

I have early memories of travelling around the country in an old red Mark 1 Ford Transit van, wild camping somewhere by a Loch in Scotland, and tackling Swirral Edge on Helvellyn.  My school holidays in the 70’s and 80’s consisted of long days, hot summers and often steep hills!

This is my blog about the great outdoors and through it I aim to share my adventures, and that of my little (maybe not so little…!) girl, as we explore and have fun.  I’ll be giving you information about great locations and exciting things to do, and will also be doing kit reviews, as well as providing useful advice and information about the outdoors and various activities.

We live in a ancient and beautiful landscape that is steeped in legend and history and I have always felt it a shame so that many people simply pass it by.  Enjoying the outdoors isn’t something to be daunted by, nor do you need heaps of cash and gear to get started, but I’ll explain all that in my ‘Suggested gear’ section.  I hope you enjoy this blog and have a great time doing great things!

Jon 2017.

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